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ABOUT GreenCrest Homes

GreenCrest Homes is a branch of Burkholder Construction, a leading Northern Michigan custom home builder for over 55 years.

We understand that all houses can not be constructed in a climate-controlled environment. We can all agree however, that the best products in the world from cars, appliances, windows, doors, furniture, planes, and computers are constructed inside factories out of the weather. Home buyers who want high- end quality design/finish along with high-end quality construction have found that systems’ building delivers both.

At GreenCrest we blend today’s precision technology with our years of expertise in the construction industry to provide a cost effective building system designed just for you. We partner with the innovative building process of Dickinson Homes of Iron Mountain, Michigan. This partnership insures the highest quality control in the building industry. This is achieved by using the latest in engineering know-how, climate-controlled assembly, and a written systematic inspection process.

Dickinson Homes, now a third generation family own business was founded in 1970. Dickinson has designed and built thousands of residential homes, multi-family and commercial projects. Their commitment to continuing education in building science and attention to detail has made them the leader in systems building.

We are confident that the combined advantages of factory assembly, superior quality controls, faster build time-lines, design flexibility and our knowledge of Green Building will provide our clients with a home that is energy efficient, easier to maintain, healthier to live in, all while being gentle on the environment.

We are committed to the practice of “Green Building.” We welcome the opportunity to inform our clients as to the impact that building green can make to the complete building life cycle of your new house. For those that choose to investigate Green building, they will find it is lot more then greater energy efficiency.