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GreenCrest Key Features

Experience the Systems Difference!

Efficient Building Process: Our homes are highly engineered to make the best use of all materials, with very little waste; the factory assembly line setting offers a superior building process over traditional site-built housing.

Constructed in a climate-controlled Environment: All materials are stored out of weather, the house is built inside then poly-wrapped for transportation to your site.

All building Professionals on Staff: Designers, engineers, electricians, plumbers, heating/ventilating/air-conditioning trade professionals, carpenters, and painters are all on premises at the factory.

Superior Quality Control: Includes over 300 in plant inspections with third party inspections oversight.

Speed of Construction: Most homes are built in a matter of weeks. The systems building process allows for concurrent construction.

Energy Efficient: From insulation to air-sealing, caulking and flashings, our homes are designed to be highly efficient, ready to be Energy Star Certified. Build in Northern Michigan for Northern Michigan weather conditions.

Flexibility: Total turn-key package or you, the homeowner, may undertake all or part of the on-site preparation and completion work to reduce costs.